A Wazi Gargash

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Gargash serves a broad spectrum of companies and organizations ranging from government departments to leading contractors such as Trans Gulf. Business has been excellent throughout its history, with 2008 being one of its best years till date. Gargash ensures that it delivers the highest quality work to all its clients (both internal and external) irrespective of cost and time involved.

A Tradition of Trust: The industry has changed greatly over the years, but Gargash has never lost sight of its original vision of excellence. It's a commitment that runs throughout the company, touching each employee, effectively influencing everything that it does. Indeed, Gargash is uniquely qualified in its specialist field, possessing the resources that allow it to provide a complete range of services for all sizes and types of projects. Gargash applies the latest innovate and cost effective techniques in order to ensure that clients' specific requirements are met. Through its core values of integrity, professionalism and commitment, Gargash makes the entire business process simple, hassle-free, and beneficial as possible.

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