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Raptors Group's facility management arm, ABBM, is based in Dubai, and our progress is constantly focused on meeting the needs of our valued customers. Facilities Management, Building Maintenance, Home Maintenance, Commercial Office Maintenance, including AC Service, AC Maintenance, Electric and Plumbing Maintenance, Painting, and Civil Maintenance work are all areas of commercial interest for ABBM. The key principles of Raptors Group and ABBM facility management are customer satisfaction, honesty, and dedication in all aspects of business. ABBM facility management company in UAE has decades of business expertise, which contributes to the company's core strength. ABBM maintains both residential and commercial properties in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. As a consequence of our prompt reaction and devotion to your property care needs, we have established ourselves as one of the leading facilities management firms in Dubai, Abudhabi and all over the UAE. ABBM Facility management service is available hours a day, days a year, and can respond to your needs typically within two hours of time. When it comes to Facilities Management and all kind of Repair and maintenance services in UAE ABBM is one of the ideal choice. Engineers from ABBM are fully trained and stationed remotely. We attempt to deliver the same high quality of residential and commercial building maintenance services to all clients, whether they are end users, single site landlords, or big corporate multi-site clients, and our help-desk and call center are staffed hours a day.

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