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t is a known fact that climate and whether conditions of UAE are generally harsh, hot and humid which demands buildings, houses and especially air-conditioned systems to be maintained properly. years ago, Burj Al Dar was established to give the people of UAE a reliable, professional and cost-effective solution to all their property maintenance problems. The idea of Burj Al Dar was fuelled by the frustrations caused by dangerously unreliable technicians from shady firms charging too much while unable to solve a single problem even after multiple visits. Burj Al Dar wanted to give its people the peace of mind by providing maintenance services that thrived on exceptional customer service, durable and long-lasting solutions to the customers. The love for residence of UAE, made it possible for Burj Al Dar to incorporate disparate services such as Decoration and partition, AC maintenance, air duct cleaning, building maintenance, plumbing, painting and electrical services. Our engineers and technicians are versatile and deft at handling any scenario. Our Thousands of satisfied customers are a proof that Burj Al Dar accomplished its mission and continues to exceed the customers’ expectations. With the help of highly qualified technicians, remarkably supportive customer service and top-notch professionalism, Burj Al Dar has made its name in the leading maintenance service provider all over UAE.

  • A/C Maintenance

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