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Dubai Fixit Mission is to provide Affordable Walls Painting Services in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. So Every one with any Budget can get good quality professional Walls Painting, for there villa, apartment, flat, office, wearhouse all types of painting services with eco friendly materials we will provide from well known brands like Jotun Paint, Benjemin Moore, National Paints. Latter we started working with other emirates of UAE but mostly we start getting inquiries from Dubai and finally we have no choice but to open a branch office in Dubai and we are working as a professional best painting company in Dubai. The only reason was our success that we had working experience in rak so there we charge normal and cheap painting charges so we started almost same painting prices to our Dubai customers. That was the most turning point for doing our success here in Dubai. Because people charging here for painting at crazy prices and giving the same services as we were doing for much cheaper and they were using not even quality painting services in Abu Dhabi materials.

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