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Maxwell Automatic Doors Co. L.L.C. was established in U.A.E. with the sole purpose and objective to provide building maintenance and the functions have expanded for installation, modernization services of the following electromechanical items in building/parking services. Supply, Installation and Maintenance of Automatic Doors/Gates, Gate Barriers, Rolling Shutters, Garage Doors & Car Park Shades. Why choose us? Dedicated to our customer needs first and last. Fully Qualified Technicians to meet our high standard of Maintenance services. A complete hour, days a week ongoing Preventive Maintenance Service. Maintain fully stocked service vehicles to serve you on request. Design assistance to specifiers they can create the safest and most efficient doorways that comply with highest standards. We follow quality standards to ensure safety, quality, reliability and after-sales service to both specifiers and users are met.

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