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Disruption to the power supply and / or processes resulting from poor and shoddy workmanship cannot and shall not be tolerated by the industry. Keeping this in mind we, PECC emphasize on quality and timely completion as the hall-mark of our services in all core activities undertaken by Us. Supported by long serving and work-force of well qualified, dedicated and loyal staff, PECC has the capacity to embark on large scale Electrical Installation projects in the power, Oil and gas sector.

Having established excellent track records as a truly local UAE Engineering Company in the power sector especially with utility companies such as DEWA, EWA, SEWA, RTA, ADWEA and ADNOC in the Oil and Gas industry, we are currently aggressively seeking contract opportunities way beyond the shores of UAE such as KUWAIT, QATAR and other east countries. Our goal is to be among the leading Engineering Contractor within and outside UAE in the power, oil and gas sector of the Middle East regions in the immediate future.

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