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We deliver high quality services through a great leadership based on highly skilled dedicated technical professionals, providing the type of flexibility that ensures projects run smoothly. What We do … Upon receiving your requirement of replacement of the HVAC equipment we perform following steps:  Our technical team visits your site.  Analyzing site requirement in line with the required scope e.g.: ■ Crane / lifting ■ Installation space availability ■ Valve Packages ■ Cladding and insulation ■ Electrical cabling ■ Breakers and Isolators ■ Control Panels ■ Civil foundations  Selection of suitable replacement HVAC unit according to the site heat load.  Preparation of estimates with quality materials along with options of HVAC equipment from multiple manufacturers.  Provide you buy-back option at competitive prices to further minimize you expenditure.  Start-up and Commissioning of installed HVAC equipment directly by the respective manufacturer to ensure complete peace of mind.

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