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A clean and tidy place guarantees a satisfied, healthy and peaceful environment. Service Zone is highly concerned about giving your house and office a pristine look. If you are in search of a satisfying service for unblemished cleaning, you are at the right place. Whether it is your furniture or property our home cleaning services in Dubai are eco-friendly, organic and non-chemical. The affordable and cost-efficient solutions add feathers to our professional upkeep of houses and offices.

Besides Home sofa cleaning and other hygienic clearances, Service Zone provides you with remediation of mold, air duct cleaning, lousy odor emitting, sanitization of fungus-infected areas, and pest control for all types of domestic and commercial areas.

Furthermore, your home tidiness is not fixed to your relocation only, sometimes your present location needs restoration and refurbishment. We apply all human as well as pet-friendly products to get the workable and best results while saving your time and money.

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