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Shipwaves is an international digital Logistics Solution provider and pioneer in Asia’s freight forwarding companies. The company started its operations in 2015. We are a logistic company specially dedicated to the requisites of shippers; our expertise and advancement in technology help to deliver comprehensive solutions. Our team lends a hand with shippers around the globe in a number of ways. Quotation, online booking, freight rates and real-time visibility are unique ways employed to manage all cargo operations. Moreover, we also provide add on services such as marine insurance, customs brokerage, data analytics for lower cargo rates.

Online end to end shipping process has its place in the logistics sector, we offer Saas offering to worldwide customers for automated shipping. The tools and computation technology are of top-notch standard. We blend the latest technology, predictive analytics and high automation tool for a hassle-free and lucid shipment experience. We act as an intermediary between customer and supplier. Our large network of the supply chain delivers cargo too far and wide destinations across the globe and timely delivery ensures happiness for customers.

Being a responsible logistics supply provider, we provide easy to digest functions for the entire individuals, namely shippers, carriers and suppliers for successful operations. Our extensive network and years of experience assure the finest cargo experience for customers.

We have extended our expertise to other countries as part of our development and continual growth. We have multiple branches across India other than UAE. And have interconnections with many companies to execute logistics services.

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