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Union Movers is a company that believes in the power of teamwork. We are united by one thought -‘Deliver Excellence’ and this philosophy reflects in all our actions. Being in the industry for over nineteen years, we have gained thorough experience and by embracing international quality standards, we have defined our name in the region – renowned for quality, care and cost-efficiency. We plan each assignment in a manner that gives our clients total peace of mind. While we give prime importance to quality of service, we also ensure that the shifting is done as per the timelines planned. Our strong global network enables smooth shifting – to any part of the world. At Union Movers, you can get the best professional services with a personalized touch. Simply put, we deliver confidence to our clients – be it local or international moving! Our core expertise is in furniture installation – our dedicated team of seasoned carpenters dismantles and assembles all sorts of furniture. We cater to the requirements of individuals, small and large corporations.


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