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Hot and cold running water on tap is something that we need 24*7. Hence, plumbing issues can rapidly disturb your day. Our plumbing team comprises qualified upkeep specialists, making it simple to understand your interests. Our professionals are completely ready to complete any plumbing work in Dubai.

Whether you need a plumber to repair your clogged drains, fix a faulty cistern or install a whole new bathroom, UPKEEP can help. Our trained professional plumbers are happy to assist with all household plumbing job in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

And if you’re unlucky enough to experience a plumbing emergency, we understand how important it is to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. Our emergency team is on hand around the clock to sort out any problems. We have experienced plumbers throughout the Dubai and Abu Dhabi, so there’s always someone nearby who can help.

upkeep.ae have highly qualified and experienced plumbers ready to respond to any job, from emergencies through to surveys and inspections. We offer all our clients a minimum 30 days guarantee on all of our plumbing, so you’ve got peace of mind.

  • You are in control of your spend – Our engineers will inform you of any charges associated with your job up-front, and you decide on your level of spending
  • No hidden charges – Our rates are fixed, competitive, and you don’t pay for your engineer’s parking or the congestion charge

  • Plumbing Services

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